I know you always wanted to start you own business in the creative field that inspires you and brings the best out of you.


I know you have a creative passion that keeps coming back to you and due to your current 9-5 or full time with kids or limited knowledge about how to get started, you haven’t taken a chance - yet.


Perhaps you’ve taken the first steps to get it up and running or perhaps something is stopping you from getting it started. I get it because that was me, many years ago.

Over the last decade, I have been fascinated by how I can incorporate my passion, my skills, my strengths and be in alignment with my Dharma i.e. my calling. I have invested heavily in my education, taking chances, researching and applying various concepts, courses and coaching. I had to take what worked for me and leave the rest. 

You see, over the years I realized how I was wasting my resources i.e. time, energy and money on things that didn’t even matter. I was spending 80% of my resources that brought in barely 20% of results. In ten years of running a creative business and guiding others build it I have understood that business should be based on how you want it to be, what you value and how you dream it to be - it should be built strictly on your terms, activities that align with you. It shouldn’t be a constant 24/7 grind or a hustle.( In fact I don’t even like the word hustle. I believe in alignment.) If it is a constant grind then, then something needs to change. Most of the times, it is YOU - your  thoughts, habits, mindset and perspective that needs to be changed. 

As I speak to more and more Creative Entrepreneurs, I realize I have helped them get success by coaching them about how they can create a success by

  • More ease, more simplicity, less hustle.

  • Making decisions that feel aligned with their purpose and intention.

  • Attracting their ideal clients and continuously wow them by the experience they offer them.

  • Helping them stand out by helping them identify how they are different.

  • Understanding their worth so they can price their services and products appropriately.

This online group of powerful Creative Entrepreneurs is a mix of coaching and accountability program. It is meant to provide you with practical tools, resources and productive mindset to get your business up and running in the most strategic and aligned way. With so much unpredictability around us, the only thing that you can control is your focus and choices you make towards building a well founded business, mindset, habits and lifestyle.