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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Hi Curator! Thanks for dropping by my website. My name is Supriya Mehra and I love helping Entrepreneurs build a business that is not only profitable, but also helps create an impact and lifestyle you are looking for.

During college, I was pretty uncertain about what I wanted to do. I didn't like sciences and arts wasn't me. So I went for a safer path - that was Accounting and Finance. After completing my CPA, I got comfortable in the corporate world. My career looked bright, but something was missing. 

With two little ones in the picture, I wanted more flexibility and freedom. So I decided to try my hands into entrepreneurship. It was nothing like what I had expected and in some ways it was. All of a sudden I was given freedom to carve my own future.

With freedom comes responsibility. In the initial years of my business - I failed big time. I was enjoying some aspects of it - i.e. meeting people, creating something new, bringing my clients vision to life - but I wanted more. I wanted to have a bigger impact on people. 

I have been a personal development junkie for a very long time. And I'm obsessed with everything related to Entrepreneurship. The idea of making an impact in this world gives me thrills. 

So here I am. 2020 has been a truly inspiring year for me. This year, I finally had the opportunity to help other entrepreneurs through my podcast - Curators Club, our membership - Curators Circle and Coaching programs/courses for anyone starting or struggling in their current business

I'd love to connect and support you in your journey of entrepreneurship. 

Connect with me on IG or FB or shoot me an email at